By Askew One

New mural by Askew for Street Prints Mauao mural festival in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

Here is the story behind this amazing mural:
“I arrived in Mt Maunganui pretty unprepared after flying home from Miami and wasn’t sure who I was going to paint. In this situation I tend to let the subject reveal themselves to me so Olivia Laita and I took a walk around the shops & cafés on Friday morning, keeping our eyes open in case we spotted someone to photograph.
We actually gave up after a while and headed for the car discussing a plan b. We walked past a little café and decided to have one more coffee before heading to the wall.
Just as we got served our coffees a girl walked in who was really perfect for this mural – I was trying to be subtle (wasn’t that subtle) seeing if Livi agreed, she didn’t want to stare too hard out so I had to wait until she’d caught a glance without gawking. We both agreed she’d be great so I approached her.[…]”
– from Askew One’s Facebook

Askew One Maddison

~ By Askew One ~ Maddison – Photo: Askew One’s Facebook

More info about the artist tomorrow!

Have a beautiful day!  🙂

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