The Issue of Street Art & Graffiti – Part I

The problematic of street art and graffiti has been a heavily discussed topic over the past years. There are two general points of view on these art movements. On one side stand people that admire the various creations of street art and graffiti and who perceive it as a real artistic expression. On the other side stand people that consider it vandalism on private or public property and who are therefore against calling it “real art”. On which side do you stand?

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 I.            Definition and the difference between Graffiti and Street art
II.            Influence on society
III.            Historical background

It would be illegal ~ Banksy

“It would be illegal” ~ By Banksy ~ Photo:

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Magic Does Exist

Recent mural by German street art duo HERAKUT in Paris, France.
The mural is dedicated to kids and is painted on the corner of an elementary school and very close from a high school, so that it could directly address children on their way to school.

“This message goes out to the kids: even though these times make it hard to see, magic does exist (we have seen it)”
– Herakut


~ By HERAKUT ~ Photo: Yannick Touarin

“They created this wall to support above all the children who have witnessed the terror attacks of Paris, as a reminder that humans (no matter what age) can spread magic around them. They just have to believe in magic and they will see it. The colors blue, white and red, symbol of France, reinforce Herakut’s support to French kids after the attacks. The mural is located 24 rue Goscinny in the 13th district of Paris, home of Paris street art.”


~ By HERAKUT ~ Photo: Yannick Touarin

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Millo in Italy

Francesco Giorgino, aka Millo created this stunning mural titled “Blind” for Impronte 2016 festival in Avellino, Campagnia, Italy, which is an event dedicated to street art, inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo – famous designer and craftsman born in Bonito in 1898. The mural was inspired by “Rainbow shoes” that were designed by Ferragamo for renowned actress Judy Garland while she was acting in The Wizard of Oz in 1938.

In one of the first scenes of the movie the protagonist Dorothy sings the song (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow written by Harold Arlen. The song, the colorful movie sets and a series of historical circumstances were conducive to the creation of this shoe. In those years Ferragamo began working with the Sardinian cork (a poor material that was absolutely unknown in the footwear industry).

In his artwork Millo captures the magical atmosphere and the story held in the Rainbow shoe. He also describes the human being and the his inability to understand his own magic.

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Who Is Attai?

“Once it was called something else.
Then the letters a.t.t.a.i. were spat out of an old phone and they sat blinking on the table for a bit.
Attai changed shape into a big rolled up ball made of graffiti, music, art, design, grit, moss and hair.
The ball got sick of painting its name, so it started painting other things, with ideas inside.

Attai lives in London and paints wherever it can.”

London based artist Attai is known for painting vibrant houses to bring some colour to the grey walls.


~ By Attai ~ Star Yard London – Photo:

On his website Attai likes to add a little comment to every project:

“Trying to flip these houses on their heads and dodging the rain to finish this up before dark.
There’s some strange goings on around here at night.”


~ By Attai ~ Brockley Street Art Festival – Photo:

My piece from the Brockley Street Art Festival 2016, was based a round the idea of a tornado flipping the houses all over the place.
Some Wizard of Oz undertones going on here.
Was tons of fun getting up in a cherry picker and great to finally tackle something on this scale.”

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Houses Everywhere

“Variations of these houses used to sit in the background of my graffiti paintings, but over the last two to three years they’ve become the main focus of my work.
Up on rooftops, half submerged in rivers, on stilts, floating and exploding.”

– London based artist Attai who loves to paint houses all over the city.


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:

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Said Dokins in Europe

Mexico City based artist Said Dokins is visiting various cities across Europe and he is creating some amazing pieces on his way.
In Germany Said did some interventions of the series “The Hidden Text” in the context of IBUG Festival, in Limbach, Oberfrona and at OpenSpaceGallery in Halle.
Now he is in Bordeaux to present an Exhibition in Cox Gallery.


~ By Said Dokins ~ ‘Die verborgene Schrift’, 2016. IBUg Street Art Festival, Limbach Germany. – Photo: Patrick Richter

This year, IBUg Festival took place in a small textile factory in Limbach,  abandoned just after the  fall of the Berlin Wall. The project “The Hidden Text”, attempts to elaborate a reflection on history and the marks that certain events leave behind. In Germany, the former division remains there in a different way, it’s visible through architecture, people’s life style, economy, or even social control and politics.


~ By Said Dokins ~ Sun/Moon ‘Die verborgene Schrift’, 2016. Freiraumgaleriel, Halle, Germany. – Photo: Leonardo Luna

In Halle, another connotation is added to the project. It is an abandoned neighborhood, that is going through a recovery process. OpenSpaceGallery has created a recovery program through art, creating murals among other strategies of neighborhood improvement, which favor dialogue with the community, and also elaborate participative prognosis, where the inhabitants share their needs and inquiries.

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Nevercrew in Switzerland

New piece by Nevercrew titled “Realizing Machine” in Luzern, Switzerland for the Neusicht exhibition, organized by Viva con Agua, a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide.

The mural depicts their signature whale, incredibly realistic and very detailed as always.


~ By Nevercrew ~ Photo:


~ By Nevercrew ~ Photo:

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